Deployment & Configuration Solution

Deploy and configure thousands of remote devices wirelessly in minutes rather than months

Provision Devices in Minutes

Cloud Native

Designed specifically for a cloud computing architecture using agile and scalable components. New features added in real time for a superior customer experience. More reliable with less downtime.

Responsive Design

Flexible platform that responds to user devices whatever the environment including in the field on a laptop, tablet, or cellphone.

Quicker & Smarter

Enjoy Zero-Touch or One-Click provisioning of field devices without coding. Uses established configuration templates while maintaining centralized control of device settings.

Future Proof

Designed to be scalable, flexible and grow with your network. Provides automatic deployment, discovery, and configuration of devices from the field without the involvement of a network administrator.

No Coding

Easy-to-use templates that require no coding or scripting

Reduce Truck Rolls

Remotely configure devices in minutes rather than months to reduce travel time and reduce truck rolls

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Save time and money by configuring devices automatically

A must-have platform for scaling mission critical deployments in industrial wireless networks

Provisioner’s Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) feature provisions and configures devices automatically. ZTP eliminates most of the manual labor involved in provisioning so the installation process can be completed without the presence of a network engineer.