The MDS iNET 900® and the MDS iNET-II have reached EOL with GE MDS

Throughout the last few months since the EOL status was announced, E2E has seen an increase in orders of these radios. We are now reaching the end of our inventory and want to extend a reminder that once our inventory is depleted, we will no longer be able to fulfill additional orders.

Over the years, we have seen how favored the iNET and iNET-II are, so, if you rely on iNETs for your industrial communications operations, please reach out and we can get you taken care of while we still have stock.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us.

A message from GE MDS on support

"Please note that discontinuing the manufacture of MDS iNET and iNET-II devices does not affect GE MDS’s commitment to service and support of your product. We are committed to provide the highest level of service and support for our customers. Standard warranty on iNET and iNET-II is 2 years. GE MDS has reserved adequate repair/ replacement inventory to support the installed base of customers for 5 years after the last shipment date. In the event your product is damaged and/or needs repair services, GE will utilize the reserved repair inventory parts to repair your device."

GE MDS™ iNET 900 MHz Access Point & Remote Ethernet Radio

The longest range industrial radio in its class. The iNET 900 is one of the most popular industrial data radios in oil/gas, water/wastewater, power and many other industrial applications. RC4-128 data encryption allows for very fast data rates of up to 512 Kbps at a very long range of up to 15 miles. Often used in control cabinets for SCADA projects in remote and hostile environments.

Key Benefits

• 10.5-30v with data rate to 512 Kbps at max range of 15 miles (Typical 8 miles) and 256 Kbps at max range of 60 miles (Typical 15 miles) sensitivity of -99 at 256k and -92 at 512k
• Temperature range of -22 to 140 degrees fahrenheit
• Power consumption of 510 MA at 13.8V
• Durable case with 1 ethernet and 2 serial data ports along with a TNC antenna port
• Din Rail Mountable

GE MDS™ iNET-II Series - Secure IP/Ethernet

The GE MDS iNET Series devices are industrial wireless radios that provide long distance, unlicensed networking and allows users to communicate with Ethernet and serial controllers. The iNet Series includes the iNET 900 and the iNET-II. These devices offer the best balance of speed and range, making them perfect for networks with high data requirements.

Key Benefits

• Unlicensed IP/Ethernet and serial data communication
• High-speed, long range point-to-multipoint
• Secures wireless data and prevents unauthorized network access
• Reduces configuration and integration costs with a single-box solution
• Advanced unlicensed interference mitigation algorithms
• Ruggedized for extreme temperature ranges and hazardous locations

iNET-II Advantages

The iNET-II radio operates in the 900 MHz frequency band under the FCC rules for Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) equipment. Every system must have at least one access point service. You can choose between remote models that support serial only, Ethernet only or both types of interfaces (4 dual gateway).

The iNET-II handles concurrent Ethernet from multiple sources, directly addresses the integrated serial device server using industry-standard protocols (e.g., Telnet, TCP, UDP), and serves as backhaul to MDS TransNET, SD, 4710 and 9710 radios.

Every iNET-II radio includes an SNMP agent and can be managed by MDS NETview or any other SNMP-based management system.

An access point radio can be configured to operate as a remote, serving as a common replacement for remote locations, thereby simplifying maintenance tasks in the field.