The GE MDS iNET 900 transceiver provides an easy-to-install wireless local area network (WLAN) service with long range and secure operation. It supports both Ethernet and serial data interface options at over-the-air data speeds of up to 512 kbps.

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  • Long Range: Up to 25 mile (40 km) range in line-of-sight conditions. Repeater stations may be used to extend the operational range.
  • Industrial-Grade Product: Extended temperature range for trouble-free operation in extreme environments
  • Robust Radio Communications: Designed to operate in dense, high-interference environments
  • Robust Network Security: Prevents common attack schemes and hardware from gaining access or control of network. Common attack events logged and reported by alarms.
  • High Speed: iNET transceiver speed is 512 kbps.
  • Plug-and-Play Connectivity: Ethernet bridge configuration option requires minimal setup
  • Serial Ports: Gateway for serial-based equipment to IP/Ethernet networks with embedded terminal server. Site-to-site configurations are also possible.
  • Single hardware package provides configuration as Access Point or Remote.

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