E2E PulsePAK-Freewave software is an add-on for GE MDS PulseNET which allows you to discover and monitor your Freewave HT+ radios alongside all of your existing GE MDS products from a single software solution.

Freewave Remote Detail

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E2E PulsePAK-Freewave

  • Discover, authorize, and monitor Freewave HT+ devices.
  • Enable or disable rules, notifications, and configure custom thresholds for several severity levels on all of the Freewave HT+ metrics.
  • Automatically collect radio performance and configuration data on a regular schedule and trend that data over time.
  • View, track, and take action on any alerts generated for Freewave HT+ metrics.
  • Customize visual graph displays and export historical data in any of several formats.

System Requirements:

GE MDS PulseNET Enterprise software

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