E2E SNMP Throughput (SNTP) software is used to determine the over the air (OTA) throughput of GE radios that use the SNMP protocol for management. SNTP takes several samples and provides feedback to the user with minimum, maximum, and average bits-per-second as well as RSSI and SNR values..


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Once the program is displayed in your web browser, depending on the radio model, you will enter the IP Address of your Access Point. Then enter the IP addresses for up to 10 remote and/or repeater radios downstream from your master. To begin the throughput evaluation, click the ‘Start’ button on the bottom. Please be patient as depending on response time from your network, the process may take some time. When the processing for a radio is complete, the data collected for that device will be displayed in the Throughput Summary window.

System Requirements:

E2E SNMP Throughput software runs on a Microsoft Windows XP/Win7/8 computer. SNTP does not display correctly using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10.x. Please use an earlier version of Internet Explorer, or use any recent version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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