E2E Radio Admin software provides radio technicians with a powerful tool for managing GE MDS Data Acquisition and LAN Extension radios, as well as Freewave, 4RF, Sierra Wireless, and Ubuquiti devices. With Radio Admin you have local or remote access to view radio performance and can do full or limited polling of radio configuration and performance metrics. You can also send SNMP queries to IP addressable radios and DLINK queries to Data Acquisition radios.


Radio Admin

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Radio Admin provides a tree view of all radio network topologies as well as the ability to open HTTP, SSH, and Telnet sessions directly to LAN Extension radio consoles. It is a valuable all-in-one radio management toolkit. The following narrowband radios are supported: x710/x790 licensed, x810 unlicensed, TransNET900 unlicensed, and the SDx series. These broadband radios are also supported: iNET-900, iNET-II unlicensed, and the Mercury series. Freewaave Ethernet and serial radios are supported, as well as 4RF Aprisa, Sierra Wireless modems, and Ubiquiti radios.

System Requirements:

E2E Radio Admin software runs on a Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 computer. It requires a current version of Microsoft .NET 4.

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