E2E Software Solutions

The E2E Mercury & iNET Password Changer software (MIPC) allows you to quickly and easily do bulk password changes on your GE MDS Mercury or iNET series radios.

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E2E PulsePAK-Freewave software is an add-on for GE MDS PulseNET which allows you to discover and monitor your Freewave HT+ radios alongside all of your existing GE MDS products from a single software solution.

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E2E PulsePAK-Voltage software is an add-on for GE MDS PulseNET which provides new features to track and alert on input voltages for E2E Power Contact enabled TransNET radios.

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E2E Radio Admin software provides radio technicians with a powerful tool for managing GE MDS Data Acquisition and LAN Extension radios, as well as Freewave, 4RF, Sierra Wireless, and Ubuquiti devices. With Radio Admin you have local or remote access to view radio performance and can do full or limited polling of radio configuration and performance metrics. You can also send SNMP queries to IP addressable radios and DLINK queries to Data Acquisition radios.

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E2E SNMP Throughput (SNTP) software is used to determine the over the air (OTA) throughput of GE radios that use the SNMP protocol for management. SNTP takes several samples and provides feedback to the user with minimum, maximum, and average bits-per-second as well as RSSI and SNR values..

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GE MDS PulseNET software provides a comprehensive Network Management Solution (NMS) for GE MDS proprietary products, as well as for other common third-party network products.

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