Spreading Ideas, Not Covid: How TEDxMinneapolis Kept Their Speakers Safe

November 05, 2020

Spreading Ideas, Not Covid: How TEDxMinneapolis Kept Their Speakers Safe

TEDxMinneapolis, an independently organized event focused on sharing "ideas worth spreading", was looking for a way to keep their beloved speakers safe while filming the TEDx talks for their 2020 event, Adaptation. That's where our temperature kiosk came in.

Covid-19 Precautions

The TEDxMinneapolis event looked a little different this year, as most events have. Instead of a large in person event with packed seats and options for in-person connection, the audience tuned in from their homes, and connected online. These changes allowed the organizers to keep attendees safe- but what about the speakers and the behind-the-scenes crew?

Keeping the Crew Safe

As we know, temperature can be a key indicator that someone has contracted Covid-19. Since the speakers had created special Covid safe plans to follow leading up to the filming date, the team behind TEDxMinneapolis knew they had to ensure that the safety precautions would continue while they filmed. So, in addition to mandatory masks and Covid-19 self assessments, they decided to temperature check every person who would be at each filming.

Initially, they planned to use handheld temperature scanners to check everyones temperature. This seemed to be the best option, however it was not a perfect solution. In order for the organizers to use the temperature scanners they needed to be extremely close to the speakers and staff, meaning they would not be able to uphold a 6 foot distance, and would be putting all parties at increased risk.

When E2E presented the option of a contactless scanner, they were relieved. Using our temperature kiosk was a way for them to abide by all CDC recommendations and keep everyone involved safe. 

We worked closely with them to deliver a simple temperature scanner to their first filming location.

Within seconds it was set up and ready to go. As the speakers and video crew arrived, they walked up to the kiosk and were greeted promptly with a simple green light and a "Pass" message. The TEDxMinneapolis team then brought this portable machine to each of their other filming locations.

Because it is automatic, an additional benefit they experienced was the ability to focus on the other items that required their attention, instead of having multiple people on temperature scanning duty.

A win-win.

If you're interested in learning more about using a scanner at your business or event, please contact sallen@e2etechinc.com or visit our webpage to fill out our request form.