IoT Platform Future-Proofs a City

September 19, 2019

IoT Platform Future-Proofs a City

Future-Proofing the Smart Grid

Case Study: Electric Utility for Large Metropolitan City


Are you looking to improve your customer experience and future-proof your business? Of course. Do you want to reduce power outages, improve response times, and integrate distributed energy sources? Definitely. We can help you reach these goals and future-proof your smart grid.

At E2E Technologies, our customers like our focus on end to end solutions for their smart grids. One of those customers is a worldwide leader in electricity and natural gas that supplies energy to more than 20 million people.

By investing in our monitoring, control, and automation solutions, our customer future-proofed its operations. Here’s how.

Smart grid electrical power station
Integrating an aging network into the Smart Grid

The Key Challenges

  • Modernize an aging system where customers reported outages
  • During a crisis or extreme weather, restore critical services faster to essential services and emergency first-responders
  • Streamline equipment and personnel dispatch
  • Improve the stability of the network
  • Future-proof the network for the adoption of renewable and distributed energy sources
Industrial Network technician monitoring with E2E's IMS NMS software solutin
Network Monitoring with E2E’s Industrial Network Management Solution

Our Solutions & Services

  • Multi-year Proof of Concept implementation city-wide in a large metropolitan area 
  • Implemented a Smart-Grid Project including advanced metering and distribution
  • Deployed NMS monitoring software utilizing a SaaS/Cloud-based solution 
  • Provided strict security, redundancy, and high availability specifications
  • Supported a large ecosystem of communication devices including private cellular network (Verizon), private unlicensed microwave backhaul, and unlicensed 900ISM devices
  • Deployed approximately 250 Orbit cellular or cell+900ISM devices, several dozen GE Multilin Switch Controllers, and Intrepid PtP and PtMP backhaul
Graphic illustrating smart data insights with E2E's SaaS/Cloud-based software solution IMS NMS
Smart data insights for better planning

The Project Highlights

  • New smart data insights allow for better planning for future growth
  • Improved network performance and availability, with lower management costs
  • The support team is notified of problems before customers call
  • Ability to identify outage problems before equipment and personnel are dispatched
  • Fewer truck rolls, leading to time and money saved
  • Better detection of energy theft or loss
  • Improved planning for supply and demand