IMS DEM Webinar

February 17, 2021

IMS DEM Webinar

Is security a concern for monitoring your networks and Industrial IoT endpoints? Are you reactively managing your network with your SCADA host? Are you looking to incorporate disparate information into a consolidated view? Would efficiency and holistic visibility be improved for operations by integrating into another Manager of Managers (MoM) or an IT Network Management System (NMS)?

End 2 End Technologies (E2E) offers a complete Industrial Management Solution Network Management System (IMS NMS) specifically designed to minimize downtime of industrial operations networks. This solution is purpose built for O&G, Utility, Water/Waste Water, Renewables, and various remote asset monitoring environments where private networks are limited in bandwidth available for management solutions. IMS NMS offers several integration methodologies to other platforms, mitigating security risks while still providing end to end visibility. IMS NMS is a fully functional solution that offers visibility into infrastructure communication devices (routers, switches, LTE, RF and other wireless devices) plus many end point devices & IIoT sensors . We support a wide range of vendors such as GE MDS, Cambium, Ubiquiti, FreeWave, Cisco, 4RF, Sierra Wireless, OleumTech and many others. 

Please join us for an informative webinar where we will demonstrate the benefits of IMS/NMS.

Date: 3/2/21

Time: 11 am CST

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