IMS DEM, the Distributed Endpoint Management software

June 11, 2021

IMS DEM, the Distributed Endpoint Management software

End 2 End's Distributed Endpoint Management (DEM) software product integrates the management of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices into an overall Industrial Management Solution (IMS) by collecting data from E2E's own ULTRA line of sensors or any sensor using LoRaWAN technology.

This latest version of IMS DEM software manages E2E's newly developed collector that "speaks" the LoRaWAN protocol as well as other vendor specific protocols in a single device.

Collector view with associated sensors.

End 2 End also provides a cloud version of IMS DEM for customers not wanting to host a management system. Both the cloud or the locally installed version of the software provides:

  • Increased productivity to reduce IT costs while mitigating risks
  • Improved safety and regulatory compliance
  • Valuable data in real-time to reduce downtime and simplify maintenance planning